Fungi Futures

Our Story

Fungi Futures started out life a few years back when our founder, Adam Sayner, became fascinated by the wonderful world of Fungi. What started as a hobby foraging for wild mushrooms quickly evolved into an obsession in learning how to grow them. Whilst still at university, it wasn’t long before a corner of his room was given over to a make-shift laboratory with strange looking petri dishes and bags of spawn growing on shelves and under his bed.

In 2009, following help from Humungus Fungus, he set up Woodfruit Gourmet Mushroom Co. in Devon, supplying fine restaurants and food stores with a range of Gourmet Mushrooms. Woodfruit soon turned it’s attention towards making grow kits for people to grow their own Gourmet Mushrooms at home.  These proved very popular with amateur chefs, gardeners and children alike and were sold at markets, food fairs and online throughout 2010.

Whilst trialling new grow kit ideas, Adam remembered something he’d read Paul Stamets talking about a few years back. Following extensive research he began collecting waste coffee from local cafes and adding it to the growing mix. The mushrooms loved it! The sense and scale of the idea really took hold:

Here was a solution to make use of the tonnes of coffee waste being thrown into rubbish bags and sent to landfill every day AND a way to easily produce delicious, healthy gourmet mushrooms.

                                                                                 And with that, Fungi Futures was born!